What is Python?

The Python Programming Language at Champak's World

Answer: Python is the in-demand Computer  Programming Language at the current moment. Things change very rapidly in this business, so…..

What are the main characteristics of Python?

  • Python is an interpreted. This means that Python programs can be tested and run in an interactive manner. Yo write a line , run it, then write the next line. If, things are ok, write the next line. If an error occurs, you revise and then go to the next line.
  • Python is object-oriented. This means that Python supports component based program development. You can make classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism etc.
  • Python is a high-level programming language. This means that the language supports higher level constructs like control statements, loops, functions etc. Essentially different from assembly language which demand mainly on goto statements and return.
  • Python has dynamic semantics.  This means Python that structures are not fixed, they are flexible. variables, properties etc can be added and removed at runtime.
  • Python has high-level built in data structures like lists, tuples, dictionaries. All of these have  great collections of commonly required( and some not commonly required) functions. This makes Python perfect for developing. This is called Rapid Application Development.
  • Python supports packages and modules. This is necessary for teamwork and also for code reuse.
  • Python is easy to learn, programs are readable and syntax is easy.
  • Python is free. The Python interpreter and libraries are free. There are many Python IDEs that are free. All this across different platforms and in binary and source code format.

We will develop some programs in the next post.

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