Starting Spring Web MVC in Netbeans

We start a new series on Spring Web MVC in Netbeans. We will be using Netbeans 8.2.
In this post we will just start a project and run it.

1. Create a new Java Web Project in Netbeans.
Press Next.

Start Spring Web MVC Project, Netbeans 8.2

2.  Name the project springdemo
Press Next


Spring Web MVC Project creation
Spring Web MVC Project creation

3. Select Glassfish server.
Press Next

Select Glassfish server
Select Glassfish server

4. Select Spring Web MVC from the list of frameworks. Don’t include JSTL for now.
Then switch to the Configuration tab.
Spring Web MVC framework

5. Configuration tab.
Name the dispatcher servlet as dispatcherwa and leave the Dispatcher mapping as *.htm
Naming the Dispatcher Servlet
The Project is ready now. View it in the project window.

7. Run the project from the Run Project menu
Run Spring Web MVC Project
8. The Project running in Chrome
Spring Web MVC project running