Online Education



The statistics in favor of Online Education are telling. According to a survey of the Babson Survey Research Group at least 33% students are doing some or the other online courses. The full report is accessible here.

The benefits of Online Education are many and very meaningful.

Firstly we have the flexibility. Students have the freedom to juggle their careers and school because they aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule. Thus students do not all have to read their lessons at the exact same time. A student can read his lesson at a time and place of her/his choice.

Second Point: Online education is cheap. This is mainly due to savings in transportation costs. Additionally classrooms and other accessories do not have to be maintained and therefore costs are much reduced.

Third: Availability of fast internet has allowed online teaching via audio and video.

Then there are some very interesting other facts.

  1. Online education helps in maintaining a job while learning.
  2. Online education is for all age groups because you don’t need to actually go out and attend classes with younger people.
  3. It is gender friendly.
  4. it allows you to choose your own level of engagement.

The best thing is that you can be gainfully employed while you are studying.


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