My Book How to do Object Oriented Programing? Explaining and Illustrating Object Oriented Programming in Java.



How to do Object Oriented Programing?: Explaining and Illustrating Object Oriented Programming in Java.


How to do Object Oriented Programing?: Explaining and Illustrating Object Oriented Programming in Java.


This Book is about the meaning of Object Oriented Programming. Its about explaining the philosophy, the principles and the design ideas.Object Oriented Programming is about designing systems based on smaller components. Those components will have their own parts and functionalities. Components are joined at interfaces.This book explores the ideas behind OOPS.The Computer itself is made up of components. The Personal Computer in its original model was a Keyboard, a Processor and a TV Screen put together. The idea of such a machine is not some natural advance, it doesn’t occur naturally. The division into components, the responsibilities and functionalities to be given to components requires careful thought.Interfaces are points where components interact. Deciding the interfaces requires very careful thought as well.Object Oriented Design is a very old concept. It probably starts with the proverbial wheel. You take a flat circular surface, make a hole in the middle and push a stick through. A wagon would then be attached over the stick. The interface is obviously at the center where the stick penetrates the circular surface. Can it be interfaced differently?The answer seems to be no. Try and think of the no of machines that make use of this. Development of machines has always proceeded along these lines. A very important breakthrough occurred when mass production started and manufacturing units began to be setup exclusively for making components. They do not produce any finished product. They just produce components use. Interested people may look up Henry Ford and the Model-T.A similar revolution in the field of software with the advent of Object Oriented Programming. It started with the C++ Programming Language. Before that we had ‘Procedural Programming’ Languages. Character User Interfaces via console windows. People will remember The Unix and the Dos prompts. OOPS brought out the Graphical User Interface GUI. Modern day Windows, Linux, Mobile Operating Systems are built on smaller components. Most software these days is built with components. You can actually purchase software components and use them in your software the way you purchase a wheel and attach it to your car.We explore the ideas behind OOPS in this book. How to subdivide a system into components?What responsibilities are to be given to the parts? What should the interfaces be?We use the Java Programming Language throughout this book. That is because free IDEs are available and the language itself is free and easily available. Readers will find that the language used is purely incidental and the book itself transcends languages.Happy Reading.



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