Introducing NLP Natural Language Parsing– Downloading and confirming NLTK

NLP or Natural Language Parsing deals with the interactions between Computer Languages and Human Languages. Data for NLP analysis comes from documents, social media posts, web pages, etc. It can even from audio files converted to text files.

Many applications using Natural Languages are being developed using Machine Learning. Some important applications are:

  • Language to language to language translation
  • Creating chatbots or conversational agents.
  • Analysis of text data. We could, for instance, download reviews of a Sony Camera and find out people’s opinion about its flash.
  • We could gather valuable data about the thinking of the people from posts on social media. Then use it for product marketing, election campaigns, election result forecasting etc

To start with, let us download the NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit) library. Its website is at

To install nltk write

import nltk

To test it import names from the corpus and print the words in it.

from nltk.corpus import names

The list gets printed.



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