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The Python Programming Language at Champak's World
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22 students

Python, at the moment is the language with the best employment opportunities.

Why is this so? Read on

Python is platform independent.

Python programs can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux, everywhere.

What type of programs are developed in Python?

Python is used in developing web applications(on the web server), it is used for developing applications, for connecting to databases and accessing data.

Above all Python is used in doing complex mathematics and therefore is an invaluable tool for developing Machine Learning and Big Data apps.

What are the main characteristics of Python as a programming language?

  1. Python has a very concise, readable and English like syntax.
  2. Python is interpreted, This makes it very easy to debug and also it supports the method of incremental development.
  3. Python can be used in a procedural fashion or an object oriented way.
  4. The Object Oriented features of Python are very dynamic. Fields, methods etc can be added and removed at runtime.
  5. Python is modular. This means that Python code can be stored in different files and these modules can be added or removed as required.

Python programming can be done in many IDEs including Eclipse and Netbeans. We will start out with Anaconda and its Python IDE Spyder.

This Python introductory course has the following lessons

  1. Python Basics
    1. Keywords, Identifiers,Statements, Comments,Variables, Datatypes,Type Conversion, IO, Operators.
  2. Control Statements
    1. If Else
    2. Loops
      1. For
      2. While
      3. Break, Continue
      4. Empty Statement pass
    3. Functions
      1. Arguments and Parameters
      2. Anonymous Functions
      3. Recursion
    4. Datatypes
      1. List
      2. Tuple
      3. String
      4. Set
      5. Dictionary
      6. Arrays
      7. Matrix
    5. Object Oriented Python
      1. Introduction
      2. Inheritance
      3. Multiple Inheritance
    6. File Handling
Champak Roy was born in 1970. Started his programming career with the C Programming Language in the mid 1990s. Did further programming in Java, Visual Basic 6.0, C#, Php, Android. Current working on Python, MongoDB, Bootstrap and Angular JS. Happened to fall in love with Recursion while developing a solution for the 8 Queens problem at college. Still in love with programming, teaching programming and learning. Based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India

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₹2,000.00 ₹300.00