Useful Python programs for budding programmers.

Beginning NLP Natural Language Processing— Tokenize Words and Sentences, Find Frequencies, Lemmatize, Get Synonyms

In this post we will start NLP=Natural Language Processing. Use NLTK Natural Language Toolkit to perform some preliminary processing.We will read input, tokenize sentences, words, find frequencies of words, remove common/stop words from the input, find synonyms and draw a few plots.Let us start with tokenizing some text for sentences

Introduction to Machine Learning-1

A short introduction to Machine Learning and the difference from classical binary logic programming.

Introduction to Machine Learning terms and vocabulary.
Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Classification, Regression, Deep Learning, Logic learning, Genetic Algorithm etc

How to access video using Python Open CV?

Champak’s World: Open CV is the Open Computer Vision Library. Originally developed in C++ it is free, well documented and very valuable. We used it in Matlab originally, it is available as CV2 module in Python. Image Processing, Video Processing, Face Recognition, Boundary Detection and many more utilities are available here.

This is my first post on Video Access using CV2 which accesses the Web Camera on your laptop.